Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Reviews on Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps

Real-time location tracking means has come to be a necessity in the current world. For iOS consumers, there are many cases where you’d need iPhone real time location tracking like once you lost your iPhone somewhere or tracking your loved ones to understand where they go on your back. Since, it isn’t possible to keep them under your alert times each of the times, particularly when you’re working, you are able to take assistance from the real-time location tracking tools and apps to track their locations. Thus, in this guide, we’ve given you a few of the best iPhone real time location tracking apps and tools which you can use to keep an eye on the positioning of your loved ones and protect them from any sort of danger.

Reviews on Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps
Reviews on Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

1. XySpy

XySpy is a free iPhone real time location tracking app which lets you track the real time location of an iPhone. It is possible to install this app on the target device and monitor its place in real time.


– It is possible to track the real time location of this target.
– It has Geofencing and place reporting features.
– Multiple devices can also be monitored.
– It works silently in the background.
– XySpy also has an SOS panic button.


– It puts a great deal of strain on the batterylife.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 9 or later.

Download XySpy App at:

2. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is a iPhone real-time location tracking app which allows you to track the location of your family member at any moment. It utilizes the GPS, internet mapping, and other most recent iPhone features to give you the very best location tracking for monitoring your children, partner or other household members.


– You can track the location of other iPhone users of their preceding 12 hours.
– It is possible to allow or deny other iPhone users to trace where you are.
– You can cut back the battery usage.
– Very easy to register and use.
– You are able to track kids, employees, as well as lost or stolen iPhone.


– Occasionally, it fails to update the places.
– Using it continuously will drain battery life.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 8.0, 9, 10 and iOS 11.

3. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is your official app from Apple to monitor the real-time location of a stolen or lost iPhone. This iPhone real time location tracking app may also be used as a means to monitor the location of the iOS device. Furthermore, it comes preinstalled on several iOS apparatus and people who don’t can install it at no cost in the iOS App Store.


– it’s very simple to monitor the real time location of iPhone on a map.
– Location background of the device can also be viewed.
– Additionally, it provides directions to the lost device.
– You can watch the battery percentage on the target device.


– It does not have some Geofencing facility.
– Doesn’t support iOS apparatus with an iOS version sooner than iOS 8.0.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 8.0 and later.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is just another one of the finest iPhone real time location tracking app equipped with lots of powerful features. Not just it permits you to track the location of the target, but also the duration, space, speed and elevation of the device.


– it’s possible to share the location with others.
– Can monitor distance, speed, and length of the apparatus as it began moving.
– there’s not any need to register for using this app.


– Continued use will drain the battery faster.
– It is not free and you would need to spend money to download this app.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 9.0, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

5. Glympse

Glympse is a free place sharing program that lets you share your real time GPS location with a person. But if you would like to monitor someone who you can just send a sharing petition from their apparatus to yourself. Then you would be able to see all of their location activities on a dynamic map.


– Track real-time location of somebody without needing to register.
– Very simple to use and runs invisibly at the background.


– You would have to acquire access to the target device to send a sharing request to your apparatus.
– Battery drain is guaranteed as this app runs in the background.

Compatible OS:

– It can be used with iOS 9.0 and over.

6. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is another app from iPhone that allows you monitor the real-time location of an iPhone. But unlike Find My iPhone, Find My Friends is employed for iPhone real time location tracking and place the Geofencing locations to get alerts when a person leaves or arrives a place.


– Track real-time location of your buddies or loved ones.
– You can share your own place for a specified time permanently or temporarily.
– it’s possible to set Geofencing alerts when a individual arrives or leaves a place.
– Available free of cost at Apple App Store.


– Sometimes the information is wrong.

Compatible OS:

– The newest version is only compatible with iOS 10.0 and above.

7. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker program are among the finest iPhone real-time place tracking apps which you can use to monitor the GPS location of somebody. Utilizing this program, you may set Geofences alarms around specific places.


– Track real-time location.
– It supports SOS alarms fear alarms.
– You can also get instructions to your kid’s location.


– If you want to track location history of somebody, you want to acquire in-app purchases.

Compatible OS:

– Just compatible with iOS 9.0 and later.

Part 2: The Finest iPhone Spy and Track Tool

The iPhone real time location tracking apps mentioned previously will only enable you to monitor the GPS area of this goal. However , if you want to track other iPhone activities or information, then you can use the NetSpy monitoring instrument.

NetSpy is a parental control and child tracking tool which allows you to monitor the activities of somebody on their smartphones. Though it’s readily available for tracking activities of both Android and iOS devices, the working differs for both this platform. In Android, you have to download the monitoring program on the target device whereas, on iPhone, you only must understand the iCloud ID and password of this goal. It can track many different iPhone data like messages, call logs, places history, plus even more.

Why Pick This iPhone Spy and Track Tool:

– You can monitor the location background of this goal.
– It also monitors the telephone logs as well as the text messages of the target.
– Internet browsing history may also be monitored.
– Calendars, Notes, reminders etc. can also be checked using NetSpy.
– You can also monitor the software installed on the device.

Easy Measures to Track Someone’s iPhone Activities

Step 1: Go to the official website of NetSpy and subscribe to a NetSpy account.

Step 2: Now, in the NetSpy setup wizard, enter the name and age of the target and select the OS as iOS and then click”Next”.

Step 3: On the following page, input the iCloud ID and password on the target device and then click”Verify”.

Now, login to your NetSpy dashboard and then you’re able to spy or track the actions of this target iPhone. Click “Location History” to view the locations visited by the goal. Along with this, you could also remotely assess his text message, phone logs, program picture, video and other data directly.


There are a lot of reasons why someone would love to use iPhone real-time place tracking apps. This may consist of tracking the location of kids, employees, or spouses. If you do not understand how to track the real time location of an iPhone, then it is possible to use the very best iPhone real-time place monitoring programs mentioned here. But if you want to monitor more than simply location history on the iPhone, then you can use the NetSpy tracking tool to track the mobile phone actions of the target.



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