Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

Best Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

When security of your household is at stake, it becomes obvious to find a few ways to protect them. You can not be with them round the clock, but a wireless spy camera can perform the job. Keeping your eye on their actions ensures that they are not in any sort of danger. Apart from your family’s security, you can also check your workers are not devoting their time on the job place. Moreover, pet safety, child safety, home and office safety are a number of the significant limitations to deploy wireless spy cameras in the first location. These cameras work in sync with your iPhone or Android device and help you maintain a tab on things.

In this section we’re going to feature such wireless spy cameras for iPhone and Android. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Best Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android
Best Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

– Part 1. Best 5 Spy Camera for iPhone
– Part 2. Best 5 Spy Camera for Android

Here’s the listing of wireless spy cameras which you could get from your mobile device readily. First of all, we’re likely to feature the iPhone compatible spy cameras, then we will undergo the Android apparatus.

Part 1. Best 5 Wi-Fi Spy Camera for iPhone

Part 1. Best 5 Wi-Fi Spy Camera for iPhone
Part 1. Best 5 Wi-Fi Spy Camera for iPhone

1. IELEACC – Spy Camera Wireless

This wireless spy camera comes with a mini lens to remain snuggled between small places, so that nobody can imagine being watched over. It supports iOS devices, Mac, and Windows computers. The camera records 1080P HD videos with clarity and can detect movement, send alarm messages, loop a recording. It can also capture on SD card as well as may be accessed through Wi-Fi. Upon motion detection it will automatically click pictures throughout the nanny cam and capture movies. To view the recordings remotely, you can download the’HDMiniCam’ program on your iPhone.

Price: $68.89

– This works with many smartphones such as iPhone, iPads along with Mac and Windows systems. However, it doesn’t support Windows mobile phones.
– With a single mobile device, you can manage 8 cameras at the same time.
– It is compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi network, therefore 5G Wi-Fi is not supported.
– It may capture on Micro SD card round the clock or when alerted.

2. Mini Camera

This camera is a distinctive wireless spy camera for iPhone. Its appearance is confused for a USB charging adapter, as the small built-in lens is hard to work out. You may use it to keep track of nanny, infant, coworkers, or use it for office and home security. It permits you to observe the internet footage from everywhere through your smart phone. You simply have to download HHMiniCam app on your mobile to remotely access the spy cam videos. It detects motion and begins recording. The alert goes off and email notifications and instant messages are automatically sent to a smartphone.

Price: $49.99

– It automatically overwrites old videos in order to make space for the fresh recordings.
– It works with Wi-Fi and 4G.
– This wireless spy camera documents videos .
– As soon as the movement is noticed that the device will alert you by sending instant messages and email notifications and blow the alarm as well.

3. FREDI hidden camera

This HD mini wireless spy camera to get iPhone is capable of IR night vision, real-time recording with a 140-degree angle lens. Apparently the tiniest DVR video camera. The apparatus has 10 pieces black LED surrounding the lens. It supports up to 128 GB of video recording. The LED lights stay shut at night and its nighttime visual range can reach up to 16 feet. It works through your own Wi-Fi system. You need to charge the device for about 2 hours prior to using it.

Price: $44.99

– You can adjust the date and time stamp of this camera.
– It supports loop recording by default and overwrites older records. You may turn off or on the loop recording attribute.
– It’s a 400 mah battery for longer video recording.

4. 1080P Wireless WiFi Mini Camera- SOOSPY

Whenever you are looking for wireless spy cameras, this super mini camera includes 8 different DIY design lens buttons. You can use as a home security tool, monitoring camera for pet, nanny, infant, or workplace. Its 3000mAh battery guarantees 6 hours of video recording when charged entirely. It has a 1920*1080P video resolution renders high quality photos and videos. You can watch the live videos from your tablet or computer. The motion detection feature begins documents and alerts you with a message in real-time.

Cost: $36.99

– The camera can be mounted inside a bookshelf or desk without revealing it to make sure that your loved ones, business, or house is protected without alerting them.
– You are able to keep an eye on your children, nanny, house safety, and pet with this miniature camera.
– It may reach up to 30 meters radius with Wi-Fi and supports 128 GB of movie recording.
– Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android devices are supported by this camera.
– It also works in sync with Chrome, IE7, Firefox, and Safari.

5. ELvalle DIY miniature Wi-Fi camera

With 1080P high definition wireless spy camera, it gets easier to record crisp video footages and guarantee more security for your kids, home, and workplace. Having the movement detection feature turned on, you can get crisp clear video recording in spite of a slightest motion. The alarm goes off upon detecting motion and permits you to set the tone as well. You also receive push notifications from the Wi-Fi spy camera. It has 2500mAh battery and supports TF cards, local and remote connection. You can use it through your iPhone remotely. It may be charged through various manners.

Price: $36.99

– This portable Wi-Fi spy camera may record and capture anything.
– With its USB port, you can connect it to any USB adapter and together with your smartphone or PC.
– It can capture videos for more.
– It supports iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows computers.
– It may hold up to 64 GB of data that is recorded.

Now you have been through these iPhone and Android wireless spy cameras, have you thought of monitoring your partner or child, elderly parents when they’re away from your home? Well! You can’t attach a camera for monitoring them round the clock. You can elect for XySpy, one of the top software used to monitor your loved ones moves for ensuring their safety. It is offered in Android and iOS versions. Using this program, you can track their text messages, photographs, videos, contacts, location, calls, programs and plenty different information forms on your target device.

Part 2. Best 5 Wi-Fi Spy Camera for Android

1. Conbrov WF81 Mini Portable Wifi IP Security Camera

Among all of the Android wireless spy cameras, it’s among the smallest IP spy cameras. You can connect it straight to the Wi-Fi network through an access point (AP) or using the P2P mode with your smartphone.

Cost: $69.99

– It records movies together with audio.
– It’s a 2.8 mm focal space.
– The built-in battery backup can sustain up to 30 minutes of tape.
– You can record up to 32 GB of video with a micro USB course 10 card.

2. PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720p HD Covert IP Camera

This wireless spy camera for Android now includes 720p HD resolution recording. It functions with Wi-Fi and Power over Ethernet and boasts a USB card. The camera sensor can be put anywhere across the room separately from the rest of the camera.

Cost: $139

– It supports both the Windows and Mac computers and comes with free software as well.
– You get alerted with emails, push notifications and motion is recorded.
– You are able to record audio with video up to 128 GB.
– You can’t only see the visuals remotely, but also listen to it out.

3. Jenix Wi-Fi Spy Camera Wireless on Smartphone Mini

Speaking of wireless spy cameras, this Jenix camera may video record and shoot still photo shots. This DVR security camera using remote control facility records movies in HD. It’s an ultra mini pinhole camera which can snug in the tiniest corner. You can join it with your cellphone and tablet computer via Wi-Fi and observe real-time video in it.

Cost: $50.99

– It supports 32 GB micro TF for documenting the footages.
– Loop recording of video is possible with this camera.
– It run with Wi-Fi and also the Wi-Fi is called Q7.
– Real-time video tape and recording management is possible with this miniature spy camera.
– It has an integrated microphone, IR night vision, sound recording, and picture.

4. Conbrov 720P Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

This wireless spy camera for Android has a special folder like shape. Though, it’s called a book it looks like a file-folder. The electronic parts of the camera are included inside the file-folder shape of the camera.

Cost: $99.99

– It’s a 1.0 MP HD CMOS detector for recording movies.
– With an IR automated filter, it may record the footage during the day and night as well.
– Up to 32 GB video recording is supported by this device.
– The built-in PIR ensures motion detection.
– With a 10,000 mAh battery, this camera supports TCP, HTTP, and UDP network protocols.

5. Mini Wi-Fi IP Wireless HD Spy Camera For Android & iPhone With Audio/Video Recording

You can stream the video footage reside in your cellphone. Having an inbuilt Wi-Fi, it does not require a Wi-Fi router to attach. This spy camera is little enough to snuggle anywhere you need, without alerting the perpetrators. This way you can watch over your home, baby, nanny, or employees in your workplace and make sure that everything is going good.

Price: $29.99

– The video recording gets recycled and it records using a TF card.
– You can watch the video on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows or Mac PC.
– It can receive signals from 20 feet range.
– It supports up to 32 GB of movie recording on a SD card.



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